Nominated in 2010 to the Macondo Awards (Colombian Film Awards), recognized in 2008 by the Colombian Magazine Cambio as one of its 25 leaders, and the Ministry of Culture in association with the British Council as the Colombian Young Musical Entrepreneur, this composer and orchestra conductor is one of the most remarkable personalities in Colombian film music.

Winner in 2005 of the Best Score Achievement from the Call of the Motion Picture Film District from Bogotá, and in 1998 of the Alvaro Ramírez Sierra Composition Contest of the Fine Arts Institute from Cali. Alejandro has written and produced music for major films such as Apaporis, Atacama’s 33, Aluna, Poker, La Sargento Matacho, Yo soy otro, Amores peligrosos, among others.

Their film scores with high standards of production, his versatility as a composer and the use of innovative resources of orchestration have shown in their aesthetic quest a clear understanding of film language that had won him the recognition of the most important director and producers in the country, whom acknowledge and remark his devotion to his career.

Scoring for films, TV, videogames and media, orchestrator, arranger, music editor, music supervisor.

Nucuma (2012)

Animated Short Film. (COL)

Studio Production: Signos Studio
Director: Jairo Arcos.
Credit: Composer and conductor

Amores Peligrosos (2012)

Feature Film. (COL - VEN)

Studio Production: Fundación Imagen latina.
Director: Antonio Dorado.
Credit: Composer, orchestrator and conductor.

El encargo

Los tiempos de Pablo Escobar (2012)

Documentary. (COL)

Studio production: Laberinto films - Caracol TV.
Director: Alessandro Angulo
Credit: Composer.

Pablo Escobar muere
Crédito principal Ep. 1
Crédito principal Ep. 2
End titles

Aluna (2012)

Film Documentary. (UK)

Director: Alar Ereira
Credit: Composer

Dry Sand
Ciénaga grande

Jacob (2011)

Feature Film. (USA)

Studio production: Odyssee Pictures
Director: Larry Wade Carrel
Credit: Conductor

La Sargento Matacho (2012)

Feature Film. (COL - MEX)

Studio production: Enic Producciones
Director: William González
Credit: Composer, co-orchestrator and conductor

La vida "era" en serio (2011)

Feature Film. (COL - VEN)

Studio Production: Centauro Cinemaestro
Director: Mónica Borda
Credit: Composer

Créditos Iniciales
La violación

Atacama's 33 (2010)

Feature Film. (ESP - COL)

Studio Production: Antena3 - Dynamo
Director: Antonio Recio
Credit: Composer

Poker (2010)

Feature Film. (COL)

Studio Production: Mad Love Film Factory
Director: Juan Sebastián Valencia
Credit: Composer, co- orchestrator and conductor

Créditos Iniciales

Retratos de la ausencia (2010)

Film Documentary. (COL)

Studio Production: Fosfenos Media
Director: Carolina Rodríguez
Credit: Composer

Magnolia (2010)

Short Film. (COL)

Studio Production: Cosita Linda Films
Director: Diana Montenegro
Credit: Composer


La Tarea (2010)

Short Film. (COL)

Studio Production: Piedra, papel o tijera Films.
Director: Biviana Márquez
Credit: Composer


Dreamcatchers (2009)

Animated Short Film. (COL)

Studio Production: Zio Studios – Oruga Animation Studio
Director: Antonio Sanint.
Credit: Composer, orchestrator and conductor

Encounter with the shadows

Apaporis (2009)

Film Documentary. (COL)

Studio Production: Fundación Imagen Latina
Director: Antonio Dorado
Credit: Composer, co-orchestrator and conductor

The Jirijirimo
The magic poison

Run or die (2009)

Film Documentary. (USA - COL)

Studio Production: Teleproductions International – Videobase
Director: Klich López
Credit: Composer, co-orchestrator and conductor

Los actores del conflicto (2008)

Feature Film. (COL - VEN)

Studio Production: Ma non troppo Films – EGM Producciones
Director: Lisandro Duque
Credit: Composer and orchestrator

La caminata

Yo soy otro (2007)

Feature Film. (COL)

Studio Production: ENIC Producciones
Director: Oscar Campo
Credit: Co - composer

Los ciclos (2006)

Animated Short Film. (COL)

Studio Production: Pato Feo Films
Director: Juan Manuel Acuña
Credit: Composer and orchestrator

  • Small pieces for flute and piano
  • 5 Pieces for small orchestra
  • Bagatela for violoncello and piano
  • String Quartet

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